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The Limitless Lifestyle Academy

Helping Women Over 40 Look Amazing, Feel Confident and Aspire to Limitless Possibilities In Their Lives.



Do you ever wonder why what you used to do to stay slim, energized and self-confident doesn’t work for you anymore?

Discover how you can easily manage your weight, look fabulous and get your self-confidence back with our wellness & coaching method designed specifically for the womanhood of midlife.

What Does Your Midlife Look Like?

The Six LIMITLESS Lifestyle Essentials

The Foundation of the Method, and the Game-Changers for Your Renewed Body & Life.

Synergized, Optimized Exercise

Exercise is not the same after age 40. We need a very specific blend of exercise to compliment hormonal changes and our busy lives. 

Flexible, Habit-Based Nutrition

You know that diets and restriction do not foster lasting results.  Changing habits, understanding how to eat and enjoying food does.

Stress & Sleep Awareness

The stresses of our changing lives impacts our hormonal balance, our sleep quality and ultimately our weight and self-confidence. Let's learn to relax.

Mindset, Purpose & Vision

Many women have lost their sense of self while for decades balancing family & career. Girl!!..It's time to get selfish and define your vision of your perfect future.

Understanding Your Body

The more you know about the changes that are happening in your body, the better equipped you are to make the best choices to serve your goals & vision.

Community & Fellowship

Don't go it alone! Having a team of coaches and cheerleaders who guide and support you is the glue that ties everything together!

How Can I Help You?

Schedule a complimentary coaching session with me! I'd love to hear your story. Together, we'll come up with a plan & path to make the changes you want for your body & your life.

Our Products

Virtual Fitness and Lifestyle Studio

Never let a day go by that you can't stick with your plan to reach your vision of your perfect wellness. Access pre-recorded workouts, along with live-streamed workouts, meal plan and nutrition center, wellness resource library. We'll even teach you how to create the perfect exercise schedule to encourage hormonal balance, weight loss and healthy body composition.

Try It - 10 Days for $1

The New Way to Wellness - 6 Week Experience

The ultimate body transformation challenge designed by women for women. Look amazing, feel self-confident and live your dream. Live streaming fitness classes, on-demand library of workouts, and done for you nutrition and coaching in our community. We've coached hundreds of women to make massive change in just 6 weeks. Now it is your turn!

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Complementary Limitless Coaching Session

Together, you and Dorian will crystallize your vision of your perfect future YOU.  You'll discuss your greatest desires and the biggest challenges that get in your way. You'll leave your session with an  understanding of the changes that have been happening to your body as well as a clear plan & path of how to actualize your vision of your wellness.

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Metabolic Freedom


Discover the power of glucose monitoring in managing hormonal weight change.

Join our 4 week Metabolic Freedom Program to learn how the foods you eat and lifestyle habits impact your metabolism, hormonal balance and happiness.

Next program starts January 16, 2022

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Live in Central New Jersey?

If you live in the central New Jersey area, our memberships include access to our Live Classes in our Studio and 1-1 Coaching. Contact us for more details.

"Today I looked and saw myself. My old self. Not the tired, pain ridden, frustrated from missing out on life, sleep-work-sleep-work routine, too exhausted on the weekends to even think about having fun, depressed self that I have been for the past 4 years. I saw me. Thank you so much for truly changing my life."

Donielle L.
48 years

Meet Dorian

Hi There,

Welcome, and thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am the founder of The Limitless Lifestyle Academy and have worked with women over age 40 since 2009.  Together, we journey to the reinvention of their bodies and their lives through their wellness.

I understand the selflessness of a woman like you who for so many years, has given it all to her family and career. You find yourself a little lost when the kids move out, the job changes, and/or retirement approaches. You don't understand what the heck is happening to your body, and you don't know what to do about all the undesirable changes happening to you.

I 100% get it because I have lived it myself along with my clients as I transitioned through my late 40's & into now my 58th year.

From my journey was born a wellness method that speaks to the unique wellness and lifestyle needs of women over 40, just like you.  The technique considers your whole body and your whole life, not just weight loss. YOU aren't just about weight loss.  You are about what the weight loss means to your confidence, life, and the legacy you leave to your family.

Schedule a free Limitless Coaching Session with me today. I'd love to hear your story. You’ll leave our call with a plan & path toward creating your ideal wellness, limitless future, and personal legacy.


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""With this program, I have learned I have ownership over my own body. For this I am healthier and ever grateful!!""

June G.
67 years

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What The Heck Is Happening To My Body?

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Discover Easy Ways To Live In Harmony With Your Hormones
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