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How to Create an Exercise Schedule on a Tight Time Budget...Dare Yourself to Do It!

exercise fitness Oct 16, 2020

One of the biggest complaints, or excuses I hear from women about exercise is “not having the time.” I always say in response, if your doctor told you that you had cancer, and you needed to set aside 30-45 minutes three times a week to be cured, would you make the time? I bet you would. AND I bet that it would be a top priority. I know it sounds harsh, but why would you take care of your health in that scenario when you are sick, and not in the scenario of keeping yourself from getting sick by exercising regularly?

It makes NO sense.

Exercise is probably the single best lifestyle change you can make for yourself to improve your wellness AND your longevity. Exercise is not just about looking great. It’s about feeling great about your body and your life. It’s about maintaining a healthy weight. It’s about staying youthful. It’s about reducing your risk of disease. Yes, it’s something you have to make time for, but it is crucial to living...

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