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How to Build The Perfect Exercise Routine For Weight Loss

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2022

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know what exercises to do and how often or how long to do them.

We want to help you optimize your workout routine with a quick formula that we use for our Limitless Ladies.

We think of building the perfect exercise routine like baking a cake. If you are missing one component like baking soda or salt, then the whole cake can turn into a hockey puck and you might get frustrated. This is the exact feeling we want to help you avoid when it comes to your exercise routine.

Here are the five ingredients of building the perfect exercise routine. 

The 5 Ingredients (TDIFS) of Exercise

T - Type

Balancing the type of exercises you are doing each week is extremely important. If you are just doing cardio without any resistance training, then you won't be able to build muscle and change your body composition.

Optimized Weekly Exercise: 1-2 Vigorous Cardio Sessions, 1-2 Moderate Cardio Sessions and 1-2 Resistance/Strength Training Sessions 

D - Duration

How long are you working out for? If you are working out for too long you could be causing adverse effects on your body. The same with under exercising.

Optimized: Shoot for 30-60 minutes for each workout.

I - Intensity

The intensity of your workouts is extremely important. Are you reaching your red zone on your MyZone 1-2 times per week? 

Optimized: 2-3 times per week HIIT workout with 2-3 times per week moderate intensity workout

F - Frequency

Do you workout a few days one week and then only two days the next week? Being consistent is super important to get the best results from your efforts.

Optimized: Make sure to workout 3-5 times per week

S - Spacing

Are you working out three days in a row then not working out for three days because you are exhausted? Spacing your workouts is extremely important for helping your body to recover and build muscle. Don't overtrain!

Optimized: Leave 1 day in between HIIT/Cardio workouts

We hope this simple formula helps you to feel more confident when building your exercise routine each week. 

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