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Wellness for the Summer & Beyond

This time of year seems to bring a pressure to get your body ready for the summer. We’re all thinking about bathing suits, shorts and t-shirts. Unfortunately, this leads people into following fad elimination diets that restrict eating and are hard to maintain. You might lose the desired amount of weight only to see it creep back up once you’re not following the diet as consistently.

It’s important not to fall into this mindset and only focus on the coming summer months. Remember that health and wellness is for more than just a season, it’s for life. At the Limitless lifestyle academy, we follow 6 lifestyle essentials to help achieve a healthy life.

They include- Lifestyle nutrition, optimized exercise, stress reduction and sleep, learning about your body, mindset and vision and community. We help our clients balance the lifestyle essentials together to allow them to live their best and healthiest life. Learn how you can use our lifestyle essentials to help you get started on your wellness path, not just for the summer but for life.

Lifestyle nutrition:

This most important thing about our nutrition philosophy is that we do not exclude anything. We may recommend you stay about from certain foods on a regular basis because they are over processed and are harmful to your health. Other than that, we never tell you that you shouldn’t eat something. If you’d like to have a piece of cake, go for it! Everything in moderation. Eat whole foods every day, rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, fiber and protein.

Optimized exercise:

If you read out love to exercise blog post, you’ll know it’s important to find exercise you enjoy. That’s how to make it sustainable. After you’ve done that, the exercise must be balanced.

You need a mix of cardio and resistance training to burn fat and build muscle. At the academy, we add another layer to this with Myzone heart monitor. Using this device you can optimize your exercise, by working within certain zones during class.

No crazy, high intensity exercise here. We choose long term sustainable exercise that works.

Stress-reduction & sleep:

Sometimes the stress in our life is consistent and other times it comes in waves. Regardless, stress can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals. Sleep is another element that needs to be on track.

This is when our body repairs and recovers in preparation for the next day. Some people just don’t sleep, but we can give you tips and hints on how to get a good night sleep and explain WHY they work.

A crash diet designed to get you quick results will not help you learn to deal with your stress and sleep. Once you’re off the diet, the stress will play a role in the gaining back of the weight.

Learning about your body:

Learning about what exercise, food, stress, and sleep can do for your wellness and your body is important. Once you learn these things, it’s hard to forget them and easy to implement into your life. In Food Camp and through our community, you’ll learn all sorts of things. Including the importance of water intake and hydration. As well as insulin resistance and the importance of keeping your blood sugar in check. When was the last time a diet did that? 

Mindset, Purpose & Vision:

Do you want to envision yourself health and fit for the summer? Or do you want to envision yourself healthy for the rest of your life?

We work on the WHY of being healthy, it’s always deeper that ‘I want to look good in my bathing suit’. Once you figure out your why you have the knowledge and the drive to stay focused and reach your goals.

Working on envisioning yourself as a whole and healthy person also holds value. Vision work is a powerful driver to reaching goals and staying focused.

Community & Legacy:

One of the most important piece to what we do at the academy. Women are social, there’s a reason why we go to the bathroom in groups. When following a traditional diet, the best you can do it have a buddy to do it with. That’s a great support system! Imagine having a large group of women with different experiences there to support and root for you. Our community is a powerful element and out greatest asset.

As you can see, all of these things can translate to a life full of health and wellness when followed. Join us for our 6 week program and break the cycle of dieting before each summer. You’ll leave more about our life style essentials and how to apply them for life.

Learn more about the 6 Week Program here


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