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Do You Stress Eat?


If so, the holiday  πŸŽ„season is ripe with opportunities to "feed" (pun intended) your struggle with emotional eating. Come to the chair twice a day, it’ll help.

It doesn't seem right, but the holiday season's joy usually brings with it some degree of stress. For many women challenged with emotional eating, this is the month when they also struggle with managing their weight.

How are you going to handle your diet and wellness with the stress of the holiday season? 2020 has been a very "different" year that has brought a significant amount of added pressure to everyone's lives.

So, why not try a different strategy to manage holiday stress and stress-induced eating? Instead of attempting to change or control your environment's triggers, come back to you. Ground yourself. You can't control the abundance of Christmas cookies, bread dips, and saucy foods that will be around you. But, you can make a choice to help yourself.πŸ˜€

Set aside some time today to ground yourself.   Sit in a supportive chair and listen to the short grounding meditation from our Academy Archive.

One of my favorite meditation mentors, Emily Fletcher says that "coming to the chair" twice daily in meditation is the secret to not only managing your stress, but manifesting all you want in your life.

Try it! Come to your chair twice today and listen to the recording. Set an intention for yourself: “I am always in control of what I eat.” “I am always aware of my stress levels and come back to grounding myself.” Then maybe try it twice tomorrow. See how many times you can “come to the chair” this week!

You are LIMITLESS!πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸš€



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