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Do you feel guilty when you put yourself first? Selfish even?


  • Did you relax entirely during that massage you had yesterday, or were you thinking the whole time of all of the things you need to do for your family after you finished?
  • Did you have buyer’s remorse for buying that new face mask for yourself instead of that sweatshirt that your son wants?
  • Did you cancel your gym membership because you work during the day and can only go at night, and the family expects a home-cooked meal prepared by none other than YOU every evening?

Unfortunately, it is pervasive for women to feel guilty about putting themselves first, let alone doing it at all!!! (especially when it comes to their wellness.

Lack of self-care contributes HUGELY to the massive impact of bodily changes in mid-life.  You know what I’m talking about, ladies!!!!!  And more often than not, the guilt becomes an excuse (or maybe the excuse becomes guilt?) to put ourselves in any other place but first.

When we spend so much time focusing on others, we may not leave any time left for ourselves. But I think that sometimes we subconsciously focus on other people, so we have an excuse not to focus on ourselves. We use it as an excuse to avoid our weaknesses or negative feelings about ourselves.

I have heard women say “no” to embarking on a wellness plan because of their subconscious fear that they are not capable of or worthy of doing it. So they use the excuses like:

  • I don’t get out of work till late, and I can’t exercise before work because I have to make lunch for everybody
  • My kids won’t eat vegetables and salads; I don’t have the energy to make something separate for me.

  • I’m way too busy at work; I can’t put anything else on my plate.
  • I can’t take the time away from my family to work out four days a week; they need me home at night, it would be selfish.
  • Money is tight now and I can't spend anything extra on me.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to ditch the guilt (and the excuses)!  Self-Care is not SelfISH!

Download my newest guide to help you put yourself first and live in harmony with your hormones.  Pick just one of the tips in that guide and do it today!  

Be a better, happier, healthier you for YOU and those who love you! 


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