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December's Superstar: Robin Albanese

As we start a new year, we decided to shine a light on a client committed to her wellness year after year. Robin Albanese has been a long-time client with The Academy and Sphericality (our brick and mortar studio.) She has been an active member since the fall of 2013.

Robin's Wellness Journey

Robin had spent years commuting to NYC before joining us, sitting at a computer, and traveling for work. She also had a child late in life, and the weight gain during pregnancy combined with her sedentary lifestyle had caught up to her. She was interested in the barre classes offered, as they were the type of exercise recommended by her chiropractor. A neighbor invited her to check it out, and she's been with us ever since!

Her favorite part of our programming is the community of strong and committed women. Her second favorite element of our program is the classes.

"Dorian and the instructors are super-talented, brilliant, and fun! I can usually count on a giggle or two each time I take a class. I absolutely enjoy the mixture of the different types of classes and how they evolved over time."

Lastly, she has been so happy with the studio being able to transition to our online platform and the team's commitment to bringing live classes virtually during Covid-19.

So Much To Gain

At the Academy, we recognize that losing weight is just a product of taking care of one's health and wellness. "There is so much to gain by being mindful of your fitness," and Robin has gained a lot. Smiles and Sanity are two, and she says, "exercise should be something you look forward to. It's something to feel good about as it improves your mental health and mood but also your physical strength and energy."

In addition to her commitment to exercise and her mental health, she has also gained so much knowledge. Much of this knowledge is related to how important nutrition is and how food can impact our bodies, attitudes, and minds. Robin has been applying what she's learned and experienced in achieving her short and long-term goals. For Robin, a short-term goal is continuing to eat healthily and keep up with her exercise. Her long-term goal is much bigger than that.

New Motivation to Stay Committed

This November, she learned her mother in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Now she plans to do whatever she needs to mitigate the disease's impact that she could develop it in the future. She's committing to focus on brain health, and her short-term goal of eating well and exercising will help her succeed.

Motivation plays a significant role in reaching and attaining your goals. It's easy for Robin to stay motivated because she is so passionate about taking care of herself and improving her well-being and strength. "I feel like an old lady if I don't exercise, and without it, I wouldn't be able to do all the things I love." She wants to ski, golf, hike, paddleboard, and do fun things that she enjoys while as long as she can.

"I feel like an old lady if I don't exercise, and without it, I wouldn't be able to do all the things I love."

Resolution 2021

This time of year, everyone is busy with the Holidays, but looking forward to a new year, perhaps some are already thinking of their New Year's resolutions. Robin always has a New Year's Resolution; this year will be no different! She says, "I feel the entire world will be making a New-Year Resolution this year. We will all have to resolve, heal, and be committed to making 2021 better."

Resolutions are essential and helpful for her to have. They provide her with focus, intention, and a plan to grow, learn, and live the best life that she can live.

Many resolutions fail because people don't see results quickly enough, or the results aren't exactly what they expected. For Robin, no matter what the resolution is, she says something always happens for the better. Maybe she didn't lose 10 pounds but did gain muscle and the resolve that she may never be the weight she was in her 20's. Her attitude towards resolutions is something we all should adopt, and she says,

"It's ok to allow yourself to go for it! To think outside of the box! And be surprised about what shows up. To achieve success or fail doesn't matter. What matters to me is the process that allows me to learn and grow from something regardless".

"Here's to the good that found you and the great that awaits! Bring on the Holiday cheer, and let's all welcome in the New Year! Happy Holidays, all!" ~Robin


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