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February Superstar- Heather Oiler

Meet Heather

Heather came to Sphericality in April 2019, when she won a free membership at a tricky tray auction at her daughter's school. She was not always one to exercise; after having her three kids, she needed to regain herself and her health. She was also working on losing weight on her own and was looking for a place to exercise!

Now, she loves working out in an environment like a studio as opposed to a crowded gym. She likes that we are genuinely a judgment-free zone with the added support of the instructors and members. For her, it's more than working out: it's the variety of classes, programs like Food Camp, and the access to virtual classes (to name a few).

Heather knows that exercise is a good thing for her to do, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's something she does for her; it puts her in the right mindset for the day, feeling great after class.

Before coming to Sphericality, Heather had multiple different gym memberships over 14 years. She would start strong with no help, just doing her thing, and it never lasted long. In one gym she tried, the setting and the atmosphere, members, made her feel like she did not belong. Although they offered many classes, she would always look for reasons not to go because she wasn't comfortable.

Loving Exercise

Luckily! She found exercise she LOVES here a Sphericality and The Limitless Lifestyle Academy. We asked her what makes our classes fun and enjoyable,

"Each instructor has their own style of teaching, which switches the classes up. Every instructor is motivating and really gets you amped and into your workout. I love the music that is also provided. A bonus is my Myzone belt, having that really helps to get the most out of each workout, and it truly helps."

Her favorite classes are anything with vigorous cardio, boot camp classes being her top choice. While she loves the energy of a high-intensity cardio class, she knows the importance of mixing her workouts, so she does vigorous and moderate cardio throughout the week.

A Lifestyle Match

Not only does she find our exercise program fun and exciting, but it also fits into her lifestyle as a business owner and a mom. She loves the morning classes; the earlier, the better. She knows working out more before her day really helps set the tone for the day and feels accomplished. She knows she already got her workout in; it puts her in a great mindset. She also said,

"Now having the virtual classes as well as prerecorded ones is another bonus and allows us to work out around life's curveballs and unexpected things that occur."

Now Goals & Future Goals

You can love the exercise you do, but it's harder to stick with if it doesn't fit your goals. Heather said, "Sphericality is the only place that I have been committed to for this long of a time." With our program, Heather can stick to her goals. "Consistency with classes and choosing a variety of classes throughout the week from week to week and then sticking with it, and I can see and feel the difference in myself." She learned to switch up moderate cardio and vigorous cardio workouts throughout the week, and it really made a difference in reaching her goals.

"Sphericality has played an important part in getting me to a point where I was happy with myself. Then Covid happened, but I didn't disappear; I'm back to get myself back to where I was." In the future and for the long term, Heather knows, "while some time has passed and life got in the way, you pick right back up where you left off, Because Sphericality has that type of energy."

She also feels that working out at the Academy and Sphericality is something she'll do in the future. She attributes this to every instructor's knowledge and willingness to provide alternate exercises or modifications when needed. "The energy of the studio is addicting and motivating, and I really can't imagine life without this community."

Sharing The Love

Summing up Heather's story and her love for health, wellness, and exercise, she said,

"I never thought I was one to be into exercise and working out, and then one day it clicked, and that was the day I came to Sphericality because I won that raffle. Everything happens for a reason and at the right time. Before coming here, I was doing a weight loss journey that I started in August of 2018; my next step was getting into working out and such, it was meant to be. Now I sit and think, why did it take me so long to get into working out? I realize I just hadn't found the right place! Thank you, Sphericality!!"

Thank you, Heather, for being an essential part of our community and being a source of that energy you spoke of! We're looking forward to seeing you crush your exercise goals and work toward your best self!

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