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June Superstar- Carolyn Infante

Body composition is an integral part of our programming at Sphericality and The Limitless Lifestyle Academy. Building muscle is part of good body composition, and you must exercise to make that happen. Learn how one of our most active clients, Carolyn, makes sure she stays strong.

Carolyn & Sphericality

Carolyn joined Sphericality in 2014 when a friend recommended Sphericality. She wanted to try something new but did not want to join a traditional gym. She went with her to try a class taught by Dorian and was hooked after that.

Since 2014 Carolyn has taken well over 2000 classes, including taking advantage of our online platform in 2020. When the gym had to close, she never skipped a beat and took our online zoom classes or did something for herself from home with an epic workout set up in her home to optimize taking classes from home.

She's always participating in our studio challenges, most recently crushing our Myzone team challenge as the highest MEP earner. The instructors are her favorite part of the program. Carolyn said, "Every instructor puts in 150 % of themselves, and they push me to work harder. I am also honored to be surrounded by beautiful, strong, and positive women of Sphericality."

Getting Started

She first started working out when she turned 44 years old; she was gaining weight and was feeling out of control and frumpy. Her kids were getting older, and it was time to do something for herself. Now she is 53, exercise has become a part of her daily life, and it is necessary for her. She said, "I am going to keep working out until I can no longer move. I listen to my body, and if I must take a break or ease up, I do. My goal is to be injury-free, so I can keep moving."


In addition to taking classes at the studio, she has also tried other things. She started her exercise journey with workout DVDs and trail running. She has also done Krav Maga, where she learned self-defense (how cool is that?) Eventually, she got tired of getting her butt kicked being the only female in the class. She has also tried Cross Fit and Orange Theory Fitness. She is always looking to challenge herself by trying something new.

Now she does various workouts: indoor bike, treadmill, row, heavyweights, TRX, Bosu, and of course, classes at Sphericality. Her favorite classes are Bootcamp and All-in-One.

Carolyn is also an avid Myzone user, and it's always awesome to see what other workouts she's been doing.

When it comes to maintaining body composition, Carolyn says, "I just feel better, physically and mentally." For her, variety is the key. She does a variety of workouts, and when it comes to nutrition, she is slowly migrating into a plant-based diet.

"I think of exercise as a gift that I give to myself, and it makes me happy. I also think that taking a break from working out is ok; it took me a long time to realize that. A Reboot is sometimes necessary."

While exercise is essential for muscle building and body composition, she also recognizes the importance of nutrition and rest when working on her wellness as a whole.

An Exercising Family

In addition to taking care of herself and her wellness, Carolyn has also created a legacy within her family. She never pushed fitness onto her daughter, but she saw what Carolyn did and how she tries to take care of herself. Carolyn believes this somehow influenced her, and at 15, she asked to join Sphericality with her mom. She still works out with her at home, and she works out when she's at college.

Her favorite part about working out with her daughter is when she asks, "Mom, am I doing this right?" It shows that she cares about her form and she is trying to do her best. Carolyn believes Sphericality taught her that.

She also convinced her husband to try cross-fit because she thought it was a better fit for him. Her son then followed him into the cross-fit world and became an instructor. Also, they enjoy vacations that have some activity. Their goal as a family is to do an El Camino vacation in Europe.

From wanting to take care of herself, pushing herself, and accepting any challenge, Carolyn has focused on building strength and muscle along with the other aspects of her health and wellness. She has also created a legacy within her family that will no doubt continue!

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