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March Superstars: June Geczi & Morgan Friedrich

Their Studio Experience 

Having a wellness buddy is always a good thing, and sometimes you’re lucky enough to have your wellness buddy be your granddaughter or your grandma! June and Morgan are newfound fitness buddies but have known each other for much longer. June joined Sphericality when we first opened in 2009. She started by taking yoga with Coach Gianna, and as we added more classes, she grew with them. Now her favorite classes are barre & fusion. Morgan joined us at the studio in the fall of 2020. She was visiting her grandma and asked what she did at the studio. Instead of just telling her, June wanted to show her. Morgan was invited to a Saturday morning barre class and loved it. Her favorite part is the variety of classes and how strong she feels after class.

 Bonding over Fitness

Morgan and June have a great relationship, built beautiful times together, and strong communication considering their generational difference. Being in the studio together has become a great way to become more involved with each other.

Taking a challenging class together makes June feel like they have a special connection and a way to challenge each other that extends past grandma-granddaughter fun.

Morgan loves to see June in class, where they can cheer each other on and bond over something they’re both passionate about. Morgan will be leaving for college soon, and she has been valuing her extra time with June.

 Creating Generational Wellness

Through their time together at the studio, June hopes that Morgan will become more aware of her fitness, health, and inner strength. As Morgan spends more time at the studio, she hopes to become strong, fit, and feel more confident.  Watching June exercise and stay healthy, Morgan can see the value in taking care of herself now. 

"My grandma has inspired me to have a healthier lifestyle because she is so healthy and active for her age and I wanna be like that when I’m older." -Morgan

Be Like June & Morgan

We’ve learned so many things watching June and Morgan at the studio. It’s important to find inspiration from the people around you. Anyone at any age can support you on your wellness journey, whether you’re like Morgan, just getting started, or like June, who has been exercising for years. There is so much value in creating generational wellness with those around you. June has inspired Morgan in her wellness; who will Morgan now inspire?

Experience the same classes as June & Morgan. Try our virtual studio for 10 days and find your fitness buddy! 


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