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November Superstar- Patty Burke

Meet Patty

Patty joined Sphericality and The Limitless Lifestyle Academy for our inaugural virtual retreat in January 2021. A very good friend invited her, they wanted to see what it was all about.

They knew the retreat was geared towards women over 40, a unique period in women's lives. Since 40, Patty and her friend had been struggling with their weight. The things they had done when they were younger weren't working anymore.

They decided they would jump in a give it a try. After the retreat, they immediately joined The New Way to Wellness Six-week Experience, and the program hooked them. Now Patty is a member of our Four Seasons program and continues to change her health and wellness.

Big Changes

While Patty has made some significant changes, she's had two big ones related to mindset since joining our community. One, she no longer fixates on her weight. She knows weight is just a number and her body composition is more important for long-term health. She looks at her wellness journey from our six lifestyle essentials: Balanced lifestyle nutrition, optimized exercise, sleep/stress, education, mindset/purpose/vision, and community/legacy. Also, Patty has changed the way she views positive thinking. After joining our group, she couldn't help but change her mindset and has seen positive wellness and personal life outcomes.

What makes Patty Happy?

This month is all about self-care, and when we asked Patty what it means to her, she said, "it means doing something that makes me happy."

Tending to her flower beds in the spring and summer makes her happy. She loves to be outside, so she tries to get out as much as possible if the weather permits. One thing that surprised us is that Patty loves to refinish furniture, she always has a project going on, or she's thinking of her next one. She also loves to work on her photo albums (she has a lot to catch up on), especially with all the pictures from her travels.

All of these things are a creative outlet for her. It makes her feel accomplished. "I like handmade things and reusing things, for example, the furniture-giving it a new life."

5-minute Action

In Four Seasons, we use a program called Precision Nutrition. There is a lesson in the program about 5-minute actions. Patty LOVED this part of the program, and if you read our main article this month, you'll find that it's an excellent way to practice self-care. What she liked best about these lessons was "focusing on one small 'thing' and getting it done." She felt it helped her commit to something that she may have been putting off or forgetting about and getting it done, which is such a relief. Some of the actions she took during her time with the lesson were:

Making a doctor appointment she kept forgetting about, making mint tea with fresh mint to help her water intake, making freezer bags of smoothie ingredients, and prepping fruits and veggies for the freezer before they went bad.

Everyone 5 min actions take on something different but as long as you're doing something for YOU, there is no wrong way to take 5 mins.

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