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September Superstar- Alicia Worden

Meet Alicia

Hello! My name is Alicia Worden, and I joined Sphericality about ten years ago.

I struggled with keeping up with many things physically due to having a severe loss of cartilage in my knees. I went to see a doctor at the Hospital For Special Surgery, and he said I have a very painful looking MRI! He also said I am not a candidate for knee surgery and should build my muscles around my knees.

My exercise program is not working out for me, so I decided to place a call to Dorian. I knew within the first minute of our conversation that this was the place for me. A caring and nurturing place with Dorian being at the center, it was going to be perfect.

Alicia's 'why'

My favorite part of the program is that the instructors are wonderful at meeting everyone at their comfort level and working with each individual to meet their goals. I love coming to the studio and getting the coaching I need to build my muscles and get in shape overall. After a short time, I did not have to take the elevator up to the third floor, and I could walk down the stairs without a death grip on the handrail.

My health and wellness are very important because I want to be in the best shape I can be physically and mentally. This will allow me to handle whatever this life is going to throw at me. My mother passed away at a very young age from Alzheimer’s Disease. It reminds me that you must live every day to the fullest and say YES to the available opportunities and reach your goals in life.

Mindset Shift

My mindset and attitude about wellness have shifted since I came to Sphericality. I am taking care of myself, which allows me to take care of and be with the ones I love. From family to friends and those you meet along the way. Life can be challenging if you do not feel good about yourself. It’s so important to feel comfortable in your skin. I know that all that “Good “energy spreads from within. The programs at Sphericality have taken me through a journey of believing in myself and my capabilities as I reach my goals.

I am very grateful to Dorian and the Sphericality Team to continually encourage me to strengthen my beliefs to achieve greatness within myself. I am looking forward to seeing and experiencing a lifetime of wellness. I never imagined myself in Antarctica doing a side plank in my life or feeling so good in my skin! Sphericality has helped me achieve and believe that I can reach my goals and live a life of health and wellness.

To learn more about what Sphericality & The Limitless Lifestyle Academy can do for your health and wellness, book a coaching session here.


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