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Deb's Story of Community and Support.

How It Started

My journey with Sphericality and the Limitless Lifestyle Academy is really about how I came to value and participate in an amazing community. Anyone who has met Dorian knows that she is all about the community of women.

When I first joined Sphericality, I pictured this community as a group of people sweating together and conquering calories burned. For a while, that is all that Sphericality meant to me. Great exercise classes full of warm, friendly members and welcoming coaches who would kick my butt.

Over the years, I have seen my relationship with the community of Sphericality change and grow. Previously, I had seen hints at a greater sense of community when I participated in the "Little Black Dress Challenge" and the "The New Way to Wellness 6 Week Challenge". I had my accountability buddies who kept me on track with my daily food consumption and exercise goals. We swapped recipes and cheered each other on. The entire Challenge community met every week, and we had a fabulous social media presence to keep us motivated. Still, the reality was I wasn't ready for more.

Community & Covid-19

A year ago, I found myself with more time, a lot more food readily available, and I was stuck at home. Being in quarantine presented all sorts of challenges. The most significant change was the loss of socializing. Thankfully Dorian launched the online Limitless Lifestyle Academy Virtual Studio in response to the pandemic. The same awesome classes are delivered live. In addition to exercising, I began to look forward to the small talk before and after each exercise class. I found myself logging on every day. The same group of women showed up again and again. These classes became my first step into the greater community of the Limited Lifestyle Academy.

Getting Involved with The Community

Soon the Limitless Lifestyle Academy expanded its online offerings to include "In the Kitchen with Ro." I also found myself also participating in Food Camp and "In the Kitchen with Ro."

Both programs have an educational component, but they also presented an opportunity for us to share our challenges and victories each week. Hearing how others struggle and overcome health-related goals is inspiring. Previously I viewed missteps as failures, but in LLA, recognizing challenges and facing them are moments of victory.

In the weekly Food Camp meeting, the challenges we shared were regularly not food-related. The ladies of LLA shared their personal experiences and how they, too, overcame similar challenges. Every Saturday, LLA offers classes free to the online community. What is super awesome about this is my sister joins me each week. She lives in Nashville, and I am so happy to see her. We have a shared experience, and afterward, there are texts about "Abs on Fire" or "Getting our butts kicked." My girlfriend from Pennsylvania sometimes joins us too. We all grew up together, so it is a mini-reunion.

4 Seasons 

In August of 2020, I joined the 4 Seasons Program through Limited Lifestyle Academy. In 4 Seasons, I have a dedicated team of women supporting me. This team knows what I want to accomplish, and each week helps to get me there. It's more than exercise. It's more than food. It's lifting myself up while I lift up others around me. The 4 Seasons community offers education, counsel, accountability partners, masterclasses, coaching, and introspective work on self-improvement. When we see each other struggle, we offer help.

Right now, I have two wonderful members of the 4 Seasons Community helping me. Beth gently pushes me to take care of my knee injury and meet my long-term mobility goals. Donna and I work together on nutrition. We came together because Dorian noticed we both were looking for more accountability. Together we are committed to becoming "unstuck" and figuring what works best long-term.

I am also happy to hop on an exercise class with anyone who wants an accountability partner. All the ladies of 4 Seasons want me to succeed. We show up for each other each week because we want to be the best versions of ourselves. They lift me up, and I hope I lift them up too.

 Finding a supportive community is one important way to achieve the life you want through your wellness. Learn more about our 4 Seasons program.  


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