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May Superstar- Amy Frenzel

Uncategorized May 13, 2021

Mindset is everything while on your health and wellness journey, and summer is no different. We all set goals over the winter and spring because we want to look and feel our best for the summer. We’re bombarded by terms like “beach body” or “shorts season” as if getting healthy is only for the summer or what you look and feel like is not appropriate for summer. In addition to the societal pressure to be ready for the beach, we’re disappointed when we don’t reach our goals, and we wonder why we have to do this every year. It doesn’t have to be that way, as long as the mindset is right. Learn how Amy has changed her mindset so she’ll never have to get ready for another summer again!

Meet Amy

Amy came to us after our retreat in January 2021. She did the New Way to Wellness 6 week experience and moved into our 4 Seasons program following that. Since then, Amy has made a huge mindset change.

She thinks more positively about herself, her age, and what she can accomplish. She has learned to stop comparing herself to when she was younger, and now she can embrace where she is right now in her life. This comes with a better understanding of her health and wellness; it’s not just a number on the scale but so much more.

Every summer, Amy looks forward to visiting her family in Central New York, as well as the Longer days, warm weather, sitting around the fire pit, or on her front porch with family and friends!

In The Past

To understand Amy’s shift in mindset, you have to know where her mindset started. Not only has she changed her total mindset she also changed her summer mindset. Last summer, her mindset was a rollercoaster between the pandemic, her only child graduating from high school, and starting a new job; it was tough. She used these things as an excuse to give up because she believed this is what happens in your 50’s. The past summers would be exciting because she was looking forward to traveling and visiting friends and family. But it also meant that it was time to give up on all the hard work she did getting in shape over the winter and spring. She let social gatherings, occurring every weekend, vacations, and celebrations, derail her every year. She used them as an excuse to eat a lot of bad processed food and drink many sugary drinks. As a result, she would constantly feel bad physically and emotionally until early September, when she would start her next cycle of health and wellness. 

Amy says, “I used to put time frames on my health and wellness goals. I would get in shape March, April, and May and then stop on Memorial Day to return to my old habits, including overindulging at summer parties and gatherings.”

She liked to use the excuse that it was too hot to work out and would get back to being healthy in the fall.

Summer Time Mindset 

This year, Amy has prepared for Summertime fun! She told everyone that she is on a health and wellness journey and would like their help. She told them, “please don’t be offended if I don’t eat or drink at your social gathering.” That’s the most significant change in her mindset. She can still go to all the social gatherings and vacations, but it does not mean she has to give up on her wellness journey.

Getting together with friends and family doesn’t have to be about bad food choices and overeating. When she’s on vacation, she knows making time to work out is essential, and it makes her feel better. When she’s away, she’ll look forward to eating her mom’s cooking and having a glass of wine with her sister.

Now she feels empowered to do it in moderation and not feel pressured to try everything and overindulge. “On a recent visit with my sister, we walked many miles together and cooked a lot of new healthy recipes, and it was fun!” Amy also went to her first BBQ of the season. She was so thankful she brought a vegetable tray because everyone else brought a dessert!

On her day-to-day, she has been getting up earlier to make sure she takes 5-10 minutes every morning just for herself. Sometimes she’ll journal or read a few pages of a book, which helps set her up for a positive day! Adding veggies to each meal, including breakfast, has helped her stay fuller longer and achieve my goal of 600g of veggies a day.

Lastly, she says the support and coaching she gets from the 4 Seasons group has been amazing. The daily coaching app and the weekly zoom calls help her to stay focused on her wellness goals. She is learning how to make small changes that can have a big impact on her life!

Learn more about the  4 Seasons Program and what it can do for your summer time mind set.  


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