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Visualize Your Goals!

What's Your WHY?

Having a vision for your future and wellness is essential to your success and meeting your goals. We do a lot of work finding the WHY for losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. The why goes much deeper than what people think, so we have our clients journal about this until they drill down their own powerful WHY. For some, it's important to live a long healthy, active life for their children or grandchildren. For others, they're trying to prevent or slow the progression of heart disease or Alzheimer's that runs in their family. No matter what it is, it's specific to the individual and is the most important to them.

Vision Boards

In addition to working on the individual WHY of one's wellness journey, we do other mindset work at The Limitless Lifestyle Academy. One of the things we've enjoyed the most is working on a vision board. What is a vision board?

A Vision Board is a collage of images and words that you should display in a prominent place to remind you WHY you do what you do every day. They consist of pictures and words that spark your motivation and remind you of your values, goals, or dreams. The vision board can also be filled with things that inspire you or leave you feeling happy.

You can do a vision board for many items in your life, but having one for your wellness is our focus. We like the women to imagine their life at five years, ten years, and 20 years as it related to their wellness. We encourage them to think of what they can achieve and do when they're at their healthiest.


There are some benefits to having and creating a vision board. They will help you develop better intentions; everything you do and every choice you make should move you to your goals. Your vision board will remind you what you want when it's time to make a decision (big or small).

They will also help clarify your dreams and aspirations because a vision board is a visual representation of them. You'll be able to see them every day, using it as a reminder to keep moving forward. It will also allow you to put them down on paper instead of having them floating around in your head.

They can help keep you motivated and focused by helping you to stay on track with daily tasks that will help you reach your goals. If you have a day where you feel less than motivated, take a look at your vision board to be inspired again.

Think Before You Clip

How to get started? Before you start cutting and pasting, it's crucial to think about some things before developing your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Explore your values; your goals must align with your values because you'll want to feel a sense of satisfaction when you reach those goals. Here are some questions to ask yourself. What matters to you? How do you want to spend your time? Who do you want to be?

Next, figure out what motivates you. You'll reach your goals easier if you know what motivates you. What do you want, and why do you want it? Do not be afraid to edit and change your vision boards are you grow and change. While we want you to dream and think big, it's important to keep your goals realistic. Where can you realistically see yourself in 5 years? Then prioritize them, determine which are the most important.

Get Creative

Once you've done the internal work, it's time to get it all on paper. There are many different ways to create a vision board. The traditional way to make the vision board is to gather magazines, newspapers, and other images. You'll also need a large poster or piece of paper and glue. From there, you'll cut out pictures or words that inspire you or represent your aspirations or dreams. All these images will be put on your poster board or paper! No need to overthink it; just let your creativity flow. There are other ways to create your poster board digitally. We use a program called Canva, which has an extensive collection of images, fonts, and other elements. After you've created your vision board, you can download it or print it out. Either way, remember to display your vision board in a space where you'll see it every day!

To learn more about how we cultivate mindset visit our 4 Seasons page.


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